Drive Physical Store Traffic with Omnichannel Live Shopping

Sep 6, 2023 | Blog, by GOLIVE, Product

From a customer perspective, live shopping eliminates barriers between brands and clients, fostering deeper communication and cultivating a loyal customer base. From the business standpoint, it ensures a consistent message across all channels and delivers a service where all needs are met.

Once again, live shopping content proves to be fundamental for strengthening an Omnichannel strategy, nurturing customer loyalty with a personalised shopping experience, boosting local awareness and driving physical store traffic.

Boost Drive-to-Store & Omnichannel strategy with Live Shopping<br />

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According to a Shopify article, a significant 60% of consumers express their intent to become repeat customers when they receive a personalised shopping experience from brands. Clients tend to choose brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations; indeed, around 80% of consumers are open to sharing their data to facilitate such personalized experiences. The adoption of customer loyalty programs proves to be a valuable means of acquiring first-party data, with approximately 53% of consumers being active members of at least one such program.

As validation to the above mentioned preferences, many clients turn to brands’ consulting services to seek advice and guidance before heading to physical stores to complete their purchases, especially for specific product categories that require to be seen, tried and touched before making a final decision. This approach not only gives clients proper time to consider their choices, but also enhances their overall shopping experience. In this context, the brand’s website and live shopping content serve as a digital and interactive showcase, increasing visibility and promoting a Drive-to-Store strategy. By offering a place where customers can engage with products and receive expert advice, brands can bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, providing a well-rounded and customer-centric experience – also known as Omnichannel strategy.

How does Omnichannel promote sales?


Omnichannel retail represents a strategic approach that offers customers a distinctive shopping experience by seamlessly integrating the physical and online aspects of brands’ retail approach. At the heart of Omnichannel strategy lies the concept of providing customers with a consistent brand experience, regardless of the way clients choose to engage with the brand – be it through physical stores, eCommerce websites, mobile apps, or other channels. Such an approach ensures that customers can effortlessly switch between the retail channels while enjoying a personalized experience at every touchpoint.

One of the benefits of adopting an Omnichannel strategy is the positive influence on stores’ conversion rates; indeed, according to a Shopify report, 73% of consumers show a preference for purchasing from multiple sales channels offered by one brand, and the 68% of global consumers favours companies that offer an omnichannel shopping experience. Clients are more likely to purchase when they can seamlessly explore products online, read reviews, and then visit a physical store to touch, feel, and try out the items before making a final decision. The mix of online and offline channels contributes to a significant boost in conversion rates and, ultimately, revenues.

live shopping by Pexels

Live Shopping can enhance Omnichannel Marketing


Live shopping is a key element in designing an omnichannel strategy. By integrating digital and physical channels, retailers can optimise the customer journey through data gathered from different sales touchpoints – it becomes feasible to craft a personalized sales funnel for customers, further improved by the use of a recommendation system, resulting in higher conversion rates. Indeed, generating leads through show pre-registration helps brands enrich CRMs and plan follow-up activities, including both eCommerce and physical retail channels. Profiling customers based on their online and in-store activities allows the definition of personalised shopping experiences and increases customer lifetime value through recommendation systems.

Moreover, an Omnichannel approach strengthens a brand’s identity and engagement with the target audience. By delivering the brand’s message, values, and aesthetics across all channels, customers will be more committed. Whether it’s offering online orders with in-store pickup, providing virtual shopping experiences, or seamlessly streaming live shows, this approach creates a more customer-centric community.

Also, the physical retail space can be leveraged to promote live shopping content, connecting the physical and digital channels into an immersive experience. In-store screens can simulcast live broadcasts from a studio or other stores’ locations. Additionally, shop-front screens serve as effective tools to amplify the live in-store broadcasts, drawing in passers-by and enhancing the clients’ engagement. Live shopping can be employed as a powerful tool to drive sales in physical stores by sharing discount codes to be redeemed during live broadcasts exclusively.

Finally, live shopping content can harness the ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline) effect by showcasing online product previews and subsequently encouraging viewers to make in-store purchases. This approach not only boosts sales but also allows the effectiveness of live shopping across multiple channels.

Tips for your future live shows


The GOLIVE team has curated a selection of tips to help you embark on your journey into the world of live shopping content:

  • Provide promo codes exclusively reserved for your live viewers, to be applied for both online and in-store transactions
  • Tailor the duration of your live shows to align with on your audience attention span and expectations,  in order to maintain high level of engagement. Shorter is often better. 
  • Capture audience engagement through questions and surveys, proactively anticipating the themes and products to be featured in upcoming live broadcasts
  • Plan a calendar of live shows featuring regular, recurring appointments to foster your community loyalty.

Are you ready to kickstart your live shopping content broadcasts? Discover what GOLIVE can do and how it can enhance your engagement and drive conversions with AI-powered live shopping.

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